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Welcome to the Elementary School

Welcome to the Elementary School section of AISD, which serves students from Pre-kindergarten 3 to Grade 5. We hope it provides you with helpful information about our vibrant school community.

The Elementary School program is driven and guided by the School's Mission and Vision Statements. As a school we are committed to the development of the whole child-their academic, social and emotional development. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to become stewards of a just and sustainable world. Our program strives to help develop students who are international citizens and independent and life-long learners. The attributes of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile describe some of the ideal characteristics of a life long-learner. It is central to the Primary Years Program (PYP) definition of what it means to be internationally minded. These attributes serve not only as a guide for the kind of student we hope will graduate from our school, but for all the learners in our school community, students, teachers and parents alike. We believe that the attributes described in the Learner Profile are appropriate to, and achievable by, all elementary school students. We hope that parents will encourage the development of these attributes at home to support what is being done at school.

Students are taught using a practical and hands on approach. In these formative years we believe that learning should be fun and that part of our role as educators of young children is to instill a love of learning. Our faculty is experienced and committed to providing a world-class education for the students at AISD. We believe that student success at school is fostered through strong home-school communication and parental involvement and support of their child’s education. We encourage a balance of experiences at AISD and you will discover that there is always a variety of events and learning opportunities taking place within our school, which encompass academic, arts, sport and so much more.

Please enjoy exploring our website. I hope you find what you need to know about our school. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Jeffry Overlie 
Elementary Principal

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