Host Cutural Studies

Host Cultural Studies

All students from KG to Grade 5 take Host Culture / Bangla studies. Our program challenges students to aspire to and understand the values of international mindedness by learning to appreciate and understand Bangladeshi culture. Many of the units of study in this program are directly linked to the units of inquiry and give students an opportunity to make authentic and meaningful connections to the local community.  Through our program we foster capacity for linguistic and cultural expression by embracing the languages spoken by students within our community. Where possible mother tongue languages are used to find common connections with the host culture. Our program strives to develop creative, critical, empathetic thinkers who can apply their knowledge to the interconnectedness of a globalized world. Students develop their knowledge and awareness of the host culture by comparing and contrasting diverse ways of thinking, and developing deep understanding. In turn, our program provides the opportunity for students to become more culturally aware through the growth and integration of the learner profile attributes and attitudes.


Students learn basic Bangla within the context of our Host Culture Studies program. Where possible students are given real life contexts in which to practice their Bangla speaking skills. For example in Grade 5 students learn the language associated with eating out and, for the culminating learning experience, students are taken to a restaurant where they each have to order their own meal. In learning the conventions and vocabulary of Bangla, acommunicative approach is used where students interact with the language using games, songs, stories and drama as much as possible.

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