Information Technology

At AISD, we believe students need to be digitally literate members of society in the workplace and in the social environment of the 21st century. Therefore, students need to learn to use the tools of technology to navigate and be successful in a digitally literate world.

Technology at AISD is integrated and taught through the homeroom teacher. Students at AISD have access to a diverse range of 21st century technology devices including ipads, ipod touches and Macbooks. Importantly, our use of technology is mindfully integrated through the written and assessed curriculum to ensure the learning purposes drive the choice of technology tools to be used. In turn, through meaningful real life learning experiences, students’ acquisition of technology skills develops contextually.

We prepare students to be ethical and responsible consumers of technology by using IT to help students develop the attributes and skills associated with the learner profile. Through their learning, students strengthen meaningful connections within the school community, to safely interact with people outside the school community, to study real-world issues in real time and to take action in local and global communities.  

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