Performing and Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 participate in Performing Arts (Dance/Movement, Drama, Music) twice (KG-Grade 3) or three times (Grades 4-5) during a 6-day cycle 

The Elementary School Performing Arts program emphasizes creativity and students’ appreciation of the Performing Arts.  Students participate in a variety of folk dances, movement exercises, and create original dances.  They also participate in drama games, role-play, skits, and plays with a written script.  Students experience singing, playing Orff-Schulwerk Instrumentarium (xylophones, metallphones, glockenspiels, and percussion instruments), and create original songs.  Students are exposed to a wide variety of cultures in a variety of forms and styles are recognized. 

Performing Arts teachers collaborate with classroom teachers on particular grade level units where the Performing Arts curriculum can be used to reinforce unit understandings, knowledge, skills, and attitudes. 

Students have ample opportunities to perform in the bi-monthly Elementary Assembly, Performing Arts Informances, The Elementary Musical, and other various performances throughout the school year.

Visual Arts

Students in Grades K through Five have Art instruction twice a six day rotation. The Elementary Art Program provides experiences in Art in which the learner will not only create art, but will also learn about and understand art and be able to make artistic judgments. Through his/her participation in the enjoyment of the various art experiences, the students develop perceptual awareness and creativity. Students' art reflects a freedom in the use of media and ideas. Through art the student will show thinking that demonstrates problem solving abilities and creativity.

The Elementary Art Program provides opportunities for the learner to develop an understanding of artists, their art and human achievement. Art, by its nature, depends upon the individual's ability to express understanding, ideas, feelings and creativity in a personal way. As a result of the Elementary Art Program, it is believed that communication skills and self-confidence of students will increase. Art is often linked with grade-level units of study. For example, when students study Belief Systems in Grade 4, the Art teacher will collaborate with the grade level teachers to help promote the significant understandings of that unit through applied artwork and study of art history.

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