Units of Inquiry

In the Elementary School, Social Studies and Science are taught through Units of Inquiry. These units are developed around Transdisciplinary Themes. These Transdisciplinary Themes are common to all PYP schools and provide a context for looking at what we teach through significant themes and concepts. This allows the Elementary School to offer a program that is international in its scope while providing a way to monitor which topics in social studies and science are taught throughout the grades. These units are documented in the school's Program of Inquiry. Each unit is taught over a six-week period (approximately) and gives students the opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the unit concepts, integrating language, research skills and attitudes as a part of the unit. Wherever possible and appropriate, specialist teachers work collaboratively with the class teachers to teach their subject content through the Unit of Inquiry. Each unit focuses on a central idea to help students develop conceptual understanding, learn new skills, knowledge and develop attitudes to help them become life long learners. Teachers assess students throughout the unit as well as through end of unit assessments.

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