High School

High school

The High School curriculum offers a broad range of course offerings, which enable students to pursue further education in the United States, Canada and institutions around the world. Each year AISD graduates are accepted at a variety of selective colleges and universities around the world.

Our high school and the programs we offer are precipitated and driven by our mission statement and our school vision statement that we are dedicated to prepare students to be international citizens, life-long learners and "stewards of a just and sustainable society".

Our mission statement is celebrated in many ways within our high school. We offer a broad range of secondary school options enhanced with an international perspective. The IB Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program as well as the option to take Advanced Placement (AP) and/or SAT ll exams in any given subject area. AISD offers options for higher education access to colleges and universities worldwide. Our IB program along with our mainstream track, provide students a rich curriculum to prepare them for further study and life beyond our walls.

AISD offers a truly international learning experience with students from over 42 different countries. Within this context, from grades 9-12, teachers dedicate themselves to providing an education tailored to the individual needs of the students, and the support they receive from the Student Support Services helps them to differentiate for those whose present performance places them beyond the parameters of the mainstream.

The commitment of our faculty can be seen in their support of an extra-curricular program that aims to provide a multiplicity of opportunities for students beyond the classroom: athletics where our student participants enjoy our wonderful facilities as well as the possibility of high level competition with other international schools in the South Asia Inter School Association Conference; in the Performing Arts, where AIS Dhaka truly excels; in activities such as Model United Nations and SAISA Math; in charity and service ventures such as Roots and Shoots and Habitat for Humanity, where our students' contribution to the community and the environment has been extraordinary.

All of us here at the high school believe we offer the benefits of an exceptional learning environment where every student counts. Please, if you have any questions about the high school do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 984-2452 x 115

Robert Doyle
High School Principal

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