AISD Diploma

All students are required to at least earn an AISD diploma for graduation. They must meet the minimum course and credit requirements to earn the degree, taking the requisite courses from Grade 9 to Grade 12. To receive a diploma from AISD, transfer students must have completed their Grade 11 at an accredited school where the medium of instruction is English. The entire Grade 12 year must be completed at AISD. Students must earn a minimum of 27 credits in these subject areas.


4.0 Credits

Social Studies

3.0 Credits


3.0 Credits


3.0 Credits

Modern Language (same language)

2.0 Credits

Fine Arts

2.0 Credits

Physical Education/Health

2.0 Credits

Senior Project/Extended Essay*

1.0 Credits


5.0 Credits

Service Learning

2.0 Credits


27.0 Credits

In addition, they must complete a Senior Project and participate in the school’s Service Learning initiative.

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