MS Advisory/Club Program

The Advisory Program at AISD is a support system designed to help students feel a sense of belonging and connection to the Middle School. Each student is assigned to a teacher/advocate who is responsible for overseeing that student's total performance and involvement in the Middle School. Middle School advisory groups meet for 30 minutes daily except Tuesdays. The advisory group provides a “home base" for each student as well.

The Advisory Program is designed to

  • support and enhance student academic success;
  • develop and enhance students' self awareness;
  • encourage a positive self-image;
  • help students with their relationships with others;
  • develop decision making and problem solving skills;
  • develop leadership skills; and
  • provide structured social activities.

Every Thursday, Middle School students participate in a club of their choosing with other students across grade levels.

The adviser is the first point of contact for parents and often facilitates communication between school and home.

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