The AISD Middle School consists of grades 6 to 8 (ages 11 to 14) and aims to provide an age-appropriate, child-centered educational program in a safe and supportive environment. The five major elements of the AISD Middle School Program are the core curriculum, the quarterly exploratory program, electives, the grade level advisory team, student support services, and the extra-curricular program. These components reinforce the AISD Mission Statement, while addressing the unique needs of early adolescents.

Core Courses

The core curriculum of AISD’s Middle School program consists of Language Arts, Mathematics, Modern Language (French or Spanish), Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies. The courses are grade level appropriate and parallel offerings of similar American international schools. Teachers in each of these core curricular areas share common planning time during the week and use this time to collaborate in the areas of curriculum and instruction. They also use this time to identify and establish cross-curricular links between subject areas.

Quarterly Exploratory Program

Exploratory courses are required 9-week courses designed to provide students with a broad and balanced program of study. The Quarterly Exploratory Courses include Art, Design Technology, Drama, Elements of Music, Health, Information Technology, Speech, and Study Skills.


Electives are optional one semester or one-year courses that provide students with an opportunity to choose subjects for which they possess an interest. These offerings include Art, Beginning Band, Choir, Concert Band, Design Technology, Digital Art, Drama, Peer Leadership, and Yearbook.

Grade Level Advisory Team

Each Middle School teacher serves as an advisor to a small group of students from the same grade level. Meeting daily, the advisor has the primary responsibility of monitoring the academic, social and personal well being of each student. Teachers who serve as advisors for the same grade level share common planning time and meet weekly to monitor the implementation of an advisory program. In addition to implementing an advisory program, the grade level advisory teams develop and coordinate an annual one-day class retreat and an annual one-week overnight outdoor/cultural class trip to various locations in Asia. This program is enriched through special programs, which include service learning projects, assemblies and town meetings, and clubs.

Student Support Services

The aim of Student Support Services is to ensure that all students in the middle school have the opportunity to be successful by achieving their full developmental and academic potential. Through the Student Support Team, the school provides students with a range of services, which include learning support, English language learning support, and counseling. Since AISD is an inclusive school, services are aligned as much as possible with the student’s regular classroom environment.

Extra-Curricular Program

The Middle School has a vibrant co-curricular program designed to meet the interests and needs of students. Each quarter, Middle School students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of after school and weekend activities, which include intramural sports, games, digital media, art, drama, and music.

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