Technology Integration at AISD

Students need to be digitally literate members of society in the workplace and in the social environment of the 21st century. Therefore, students need to learn to use the tools of technology to navigate and be successful in an ever-changing world in which digital literacy is an essential part of our daily lives.

AISD Vision

“Empowering diverse learners to extend our understanding of the world.”

Mission (AISD Philosophy Statement for Technology)

Technology supports and extends diverse learners of all ages and abilities within the learning community enhancing critical and creative thinking skills (S4); it is a tool to communicate ideas, forge collaboration (S2) and spur research (S3) and innovations that enhance both our local community and beyond (S1). The purposeful use of technology (S6) helps students become responsible global citizens in an interconnected world. Through the use of well defined and understood standards learners within the community develop skills and attitudes that support the development international mindedness through leadership and innovation, by enabling them to become effective communicators (S5).

* (number) indicates ISTE NETS for Students

Guiding Principles

Facilitate and support a learner centered vision with the four domains TEACHING, LEARNING, LEADERSHIP, and INNOVATION as guiding principles.

Goals -

(Goals) by the end of this year we want…

  1. The school community is familiar with the vision of tech integration and the standards that frame the articulation for both students, teachers, and leadership team.

  2. Learning community members will use technology to support the articulation of the vision.



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