AISD is a multi-cultural institution with a curriculum based on the principles of American education. The school was established with the primary purpose to provide a quality education for expatriate children living in Bangladesh. Having said that, the school warmly welcomes a limited number of students from our host country, as non-visa required students. The school makes every effort to accommodate growth in enrollment demands by following flexible and responsive staffing and building policies and practices.

AISD admits students based on the the required status of their Bangladesh visa in their foreign passport. Students that require a visa to be in their passport to legally reside in Bangladesh are considered Visa Required. All other students are considered Non-Visa required. (i.e. a student whom may have a foreign passport, but not legally required to have a visa in that passport to reside in Bangladesh - that student is considered non-visa required.) Given the close and important relationship that the school has with the United States Embassy in Bangladesh, children of all U.S. Government employees, in Grades Kindergarten through Twelve, whose fees are paid by the U.S. Government and who meet the school's entrance requirements, will be admitted automatically to the school. In Pre-Kindergarten, children of all U.S. Government employees, whose fees would normally be paid by the U.S. Government (in Grades K-12) and who meet the entrance requirements, are given priority for admission.

Parents or employing agencies who intend to enroll children in AISD should notify the school as early as possible. Admission is contingent on completing the full application packet (see Procedure). A non-refundable application fee is required at the time of application.

AISD has an active Student Support Services program that plays a key role in ensuring that all AISD students have a fair opportunity to achieve their full developmental and academic potential. These support services align with the student’s regular classroom environment. As such, AISD admits students who can meet grade level expectations in the curriculum given the support available. For more information, please consult the Student Support Services section of this website.

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