Admissions FAQ

Does AISD reserve spaces for students applying for admission?

Please find the detailed admissions process on our website, under the admissions tab. Once you complete and send the application forms along with the application fee, we add your child’s name as a prospective student. Space is not reserved at this point in the admissions process. The division principal will only review completed files for admission determination.

Once this has been completed, the admissions office will share the decision regarding admission. If your child is accepted, the space is officially reserved at that time.

When will AISD confirm that my child has been admitted to the school?

We can only determine the admission of a child once we have the following information:

  • 3 most recent years of school reports (including the current year)
  • Teacher’s recommendation (as per our requirement, mentioned on the website)
  • Online (OPI) test results for all children from Grade 3 to 11
  • Any and all extra or pertinent information that may be required for children with special/extra needs
  • Application fee paid

Once these items are received, the divisional admissions team will convene and begin to review the full file. Once a decision has been reached the admissions office will respond to you in writing.

Will AISD accept my child above or below their current grade level?

AISD follows closely our age/grade policy and places students in the appropriate grade level related to their age and ability. AISD reviews the placement of each child individually and believes children are best served when placed in their respective aged peer groups and to that end reserves the right to make the final placement decision.

Are siblings of currently enrolled children automatically reserved spaces within the school?

We do not reserve spaces for siblings. However, we do provide preference to applicants who are siblings of currently enrolled students. You can find the order of admission considerations on our website under the Admissions tab.

Does AISD provide any discounts towards tuition or are scholarships available?

AISD’s entire income is derived from the tuition of fee paying parents. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to offer reductions in tuition or offer any scholarships at this time.

Does AISD have a priority for who is admitted to the school?

Yes, AISD does place an order to who is considered for admission. The order for both visa-required and non-visa required students can be found on the school website under the admissions tab.

If my child is already enrolled in another international or American school is their a direct transfer to AISD from that school or vice versa?

AISD is an independent school and as such has unique and separate admissions conditions and qualifications from all other schools. Credits earned from other “accredited” schools will be considered upon admission.

Do Americans get automatic admission to AISD?

All applicants to AISD must meet the same qualification criteria regardless of their nationality or the status of their parents employment. Students of U.S. Government direct hire employees are guaranteed entrance to the school provided they meet admissions criteria.

Does AISD accept children with Learning Needs or students who are not proficient in English?

AISD has limited resources for students with learning needs and for students who need assistance with learning English. In order to make a full assessment as to whether or not we can serve your child, a full application needs to be completed and submitted with any and all educational testing reports, IEP’s, or other reports. Upon submission of the full application AISD will make a determination as to whether or not we can meet the child’s educational needs and ultimately grant admission.

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