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Tuition & Fees

SY 2017-18

All figures quoted in US dollars.

Application Processing Fee

A non-refundable Application Processing Fee of $350 is required to initiate the processing of your application for enrollment in AISD.

Upon Acceptance to AISD

Seat Deposit (credited to tuition): Upon acceptance to AISD a seat deposit of $3,000 is due for all grade levels. This $3,000 will be credited against the total amount due.

Tuition 2017-18

If you are unable to meet one of the above payment plans, it is essential that you contact the CFO prior to the invoice due date to make alternative arrangements. Your child cannot begin classes until payment is received.

Registration/Capital Fee
Registration Fee
Building Maintenance Fee
An annual, non-refundable fee of $1,000 for all grade levels. This fee offsets yearly maintenance costs.
Due Dates for Payment of Fees:
Enrollment on or before July 1st

Once you have received your notice of acceptance from AISD, in order to hold your seat, you are required to pay a $3,000 non-refundable Reservation Seat Deposit within 10 days. You will then receive an invoice for Tuition and all other fees; the Reservation Seat Deposit will be shown as a credit to the total amount due.

For invoices issued before May 1st, payment for the full amount must be paid by May 31st. Invoices issued after April 30th must be paid within 30 days. If fees are not paid, your seat may not be available.

Enrollment after July 1st and before August 1

Families receiving a notice of acceptance for their child on or after July 1st and before August 1st must pay the Reservation Seat Deposit of $3,000 within 10 days. You will receive an immediate invoice for Tuition and all other fees. This invoice must be paid in full within 30 days or before the first day of school, whichever is earlier.

Enrollment after July 31

Families receiving a notice of acceptance on or after August 1st, will immediately receive an invoice for Tuition and all other fees. The full amount must be paid before you child begins classes.

For New Students attending only part of the school year

Families enrolling their child on or after August 1st will immediately receive an invoice for Registration/Capital Fee, the Building Maintenance Fee, and Tuition, as applicable. The tuituion fee will be based on quarters in attendance. This invoice is payable in full before the child can begin attending classes.



Additional information

Optional School Activities

Students may elect to participate in activities that are in addition to the established school program. These include travel to Model UN, GIN, and sports and academic events outside of Bangladesh. Parents are expected to cover the actual expenses for such activities (travel, hotel, visas, uniforms, etc). An estimated total cost will be provided before the event.

Lost Books

Students are required to pay for the replacement cost of the lost books. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. The paid money is refundable to the Parent if the book is found and returned in good condition. Final report cards or school transcripts will not be released until the payment is settled.

Cafeteria Charges (optional)

AISD operates its own cafeteria for students in K-12. In addition, there is a Coffee Shop on the premises. Food can be paid only with the student’s Campus ID card. Funds can be added to the Campus ID cards at the Top Up machine in the entrance of the Coffee Shop, in the Business Office, or on the AISD web site. All purchases by K-5 grades are linked directly to one of the parent’s ID cards – usually the mother’s. ID cards for students K-5 are kept in the classroom and managed by the teacher. Students in grades 6-12 must carry their ID cards at all times – for entrance into the school and for all food purchases.


Bus transportation to and from school at the beginning and end of the school day is provided to students living in the local area at no additional cost. For those who are living in more distant areas, transportation will be provided to the extent that it is found to be practical by the School Administration. Under no circumstances will any adjustment be made to the School Fee to families who, for any reason, do not utilize the school transportation.

Installment Payment Plan

If payment for the full amount due cannot be made by the due dates stated above, the parent or his/her designee  must contact the Business Office no later than the invoice due date and arrange with the Chief Financial Officer an Installment Payment Plan. To qualify for an Installment Payment Plan, a minimum payment of the full Registration and Capital Fee, the full Building Maintenance Fee, and the Tuition for the first semester (i.e. two quarters) of attendance is required by the invoice date above. The monthly Late Fee of 2% per month will be assessed on all outstanding amounts due past the original due date. 

Late Fees

The rate of Late Fee is determined by the School Board Finance Committee on an annual basis. The approved late fee rate for 2017-18 is 2% compounded per month. The Late Fee is calculated every month and compounded on the outstanding school dues and any portion of a month will be billed as an entire month. The Late Fee is payable immediately after its accrual. No other payment is acceptable while late fees are outstanding. 

Refund Policy

The Tuition fee is refundable only for the quarter(s) of non-attendance. Tuition fees are not refundable for the academic quarter during which the student actually withdrew, regardless of when this occurred. A written notice of date of withdrawal should be presented to the school Admissions Office as soon as possible.

In cases of an emergency which cause an unusually high number of student withdrawals, the Board may exercise its prerogative to withhold all or a portion of Tuition refunds, regardless of when the emergency occurs. No portion of the Registration/Capital Fee and the Annual Maintenance Fee is refundable.

Method of Payment

We accept international credit cards, wire transfers as well as personal and business checks. Please contact the business office for methods of tuition and fees payments at

Method of Payment

All Fees must be paid in US Dollars by a wire transfer to the School designated bank account or by a Bank Draft or by a personal Bank Check.

a) In case of fees paid in USD by a wire transfer, a bank charge of USD 50.00 must be added to every wire transfer.  Also, please include Parent’s Name/Code and Student’s Name/Grade.  

b) The check is to be issued in favor of the “American International School Dhaka”.

c) Payment in Cash US Dollar is not accepted.


For local parents and agencies that cannot pay in US Dollars:

a) Payment in Taka from agencies that cannot legally pay in US Dollars may be considered, subject to a written request indicating the reason for the exception and approval of the Chief Financial Officer to this effect. Because of fluctuating exchanges rates, agencies can either pay a 10% exchange fee at the time of invoicing, or agree to an additional quarterly invoice based on assessment of the changes in the exchange rate.

b) Host country parents can settle the account in equivalent Taka amount. The payment in Taka from other parents may be considered, subject to a written request to the Chief Financial Officer indicating the reason for the exception.

c) The USD and Taka exchange rate will be specified by the School Administration. The School Business Office may be contacted to obtain the applicable exchange rate for the transaction date.

d) The School Board reserves the right to re-compute the payable equivalent Taka amount in the event of significant currency devaluation throughout the school year.