Campus ID/Debit Card

An AISD Campus ID/Debit Card is issued to all AISD students and their parents upon admission to the school.  This card enables holders to enter the AISD campus, check out library matrials, purchase food, beverages and other items at the Cafeteria, NorthEnd Coffee Roasters, and the PTA Store without the transfer of cash. 

Elementary School (ES) Student Cards

Once issued, ES students' cards do not leave campus.  They are held for safekeeping in the student's respective homeroom class and used to purchase lunch in the AISD cafeteria as well as borrowing materials during class visits to the library. 

For School Access: ES students do not have independent electronic access to the campus.  When school is not in session, ES students may only enter campus with an adult who also holds an AISD parent card. 

For Library Materials: During school hours, ES students will have the opportunity to borrow library materials under the supervision of the school librarian.  On weekends, ES students can borrow library materials with their parent using their AISD parent card. 

For Food Purchases: ES students' and their parents' cards are connected as a family account.  WHen a parent loads their parent card with funds the funds are accessible to their ES child through the child(ren)'s card.

For PTA Store Purchases: ES students have a minimal spending limit in the PTA Store when not accompanied by a parent.

Middle School (MS) and High School (HS) Student Cards

For School Access: MS/HS students have independent electronic access to the campus during and after school hours with their cards.  students are required to carry their cards at all times during and after school hours.

For Library Materials: MS/HS students may borrow library materials with their cards during regular library hours. 

For Food, Beverage, and PTA Store Purchases: MS/HS students are permitted to make purchases independently with their cards at the AISD cafeteria, NorthEnd Coffee Roasters, and PTA store. MS/HS students’ debit accounts are separate from their parents or ES-aged siblings. Funds must be loaded onto their cards directly. Parents will receive an email notice if the balance on their MS/HS student's card drops below 1,000 taka. If the balance drops to a -1,000 taka, the card cannot be
used to make purchases until funds are added.

Parent Cards

For School Access: Parents use their cards to gain access to the campus.

For Library Materials: Parents may borrow library materials for themselves or on behalf of their child(ren) with their cards during regular library hours.

For Food, Beverage, and PTA store purchases: Parents may make purchases at the AISD cafeteria, NorthEnd Coffee Roasters, and PTA store with their cards.

How to Load an AISD Campus ID/Debit Card

In order to use the AISD Campus ID/Debit Card system, you must load your card with cash. Cards can be topped up in either taka or USD (Please note: if using USD the amount will be converted to taka).  This can be done:

At School:

at the AISD Business Office: The business office can top up cards by cash or check (USD or BDT) during regular business hours Sunday to Thursday.  Please note: There is a 5000 taka (about US$65.00) minimum. The office is located opposite the Superintendent's office near the main rotunda.

Using a Top-Up Station: Machines accept 500 and 1000 taka notes only. A maximum of 8000 taka may be loaded in one top-up transaction. Machines are located near NorthEnd Coffee Roasters, gate 2.

Online Account:

Cards may be topped up online using a credit/debit card.  There is a link on the bottom of the AISD website’s home page for the Campus Card portal ( Click on the link and follow the instructions.

Remember ES student cards are part of a family account.  MS and HS students have their own individual account. Therefore you will need to top-up each account separately for each child if they are in Gr 6-12.

Once logged in, in addition to topping up,  you can get an account report, set spending limits on you child(ren)s’ cards, and set low balance alerts.  

Upon the first successful login, you can change your password. We recommend you change your password to avoid any abuse to your account. Change your password from the "Profile Management" tab on the menu bar.

Important notes:

1  When using a credit or debit card for online top-ups, a 3% Online Administrative Fee will be charged. For example: if your top-up amount is 10,000 BDT, the total charge to your card will be 10,300 BDT.

2  The AISD Campus ID/Debit Card is issued for free. If the card is lost, a replacement card can be issued for a fee. Please contact the Media/Tech Center if you have lost your card.


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