Benefits & Salary

Teacher's Salary Scale SY 2016-17 (US Dollars)




B.A. +15


M.A. +15

M.A. +30



$43,759 $45,230 $46,853 $48,430





















$48,935 $50,715 $52,671 $54,456



$50,223 $52,077 $54,112 $55,945



$51,571 $53,518 $55,635 $57,522



$52,980 $55,008 $57,225 $59,172



$54,213 $56,288 $58,581 $60,576



$55,447 $57,630 $59,996 $62,037



$56,746 $59,004 $61,458 $63,555



$58,089 $60,440 $62,974 $65,124



$58,089 $60,440 $62,974 $65,124



$60,858 $63,466 $66,034 $68,291



$62,294 $64,997 $67,887 $70,213



$63,770 $66,566 $69,553 $71,932



$65,279 $68,178 $71,265 $73,703



  $69,836 $73,016 $75,525




$71,534 $74,816 $77,384





$76,663 $79,298
  1. *Bold indicates highest starting salary at time of hire.
  2. Each step on the scale represents one full year of teaching experience in an American or equivalent school. Substitute teaching will not be counted. The administration will evaluate prior experience for initial placement on the scale.1.
  3. Additional credits beyond last degree awarded must be earned after awarding of degree.



Basic Teacher Scale (See Salary Scale)

Travel at Start & Completion of Employment

Economy air fare by most direct route from point of origin to Dhaka and return for the Employee and Employee’s listed fulltime residing dependents plus reimbursement for one accompanied baggage (up to $250), per family. Your arrival airfare will be arranged for you and your family by the school so that all new employees arrive together.


The school will contribute 10% of the Employee’s base salary, on a monthly basis, into the school’s 401k AISD Retirement Plan conditional on the teacher also making a minimum monthly contribution of 3% or more of their base salary into that same plan. If the employee contributes less than that 3%, the school will make no contribution 

Medical Plan

School-sponsored Health Insurance Plan paid by school for employee and minor dependents who currently reside with employee or are full-time students under the age of 25.

Disability Insurance

75% of school-designated plan paid by school. Employee pays 25% 


Beginning of Employment: 

$5000 freight entitlement that can be used for surface or air shipment, as well as excess baggage. School can also include some freight for new staff in its annual school materials shipment.

At End of Employment:

Additional $500 per year of service after 2 years.  After completion of the 6th contract year, an additional $2000 will be given to single teachers or teaching couples for a maximum of $7000 for a single teacher; $9000 for a teaching couple; $10,000 for a teaching Couple w/ 2 or more children.

Longevity Bonus

After the initial contract, a Longevity Bonus of $5,000 will be paid to the Employee upon completion of a two year's extension of the contract. 

After the initial contract, a Longevity Bonus of $1,000 will be paid to the Employee upon completion of a one year's extension of the contract.

The longevity bonus will be available up to a maximum of 8 years beyond the original two year contract.

Annual Home Leave

Annual round-trip airfare to home of record for employee and residing dependents.

Transportation in Dhaka

Provided by school for performance of official duties. Additional transport provided if available on an annual fee basis. Current personal transport fee: $900.00 per year, payable in total at the beginning of the year or by monthly salary deduction.


Basic furnished housing provided. Major appliances provided and maintained.

Soft Furnishing

Up to a maximum of $300 allowance per family for soft furnishing to include cost of carpet, curtains and/or upholstery reimbursed upon receipt of bills every alternate year.


Up to $3,500 per family per year for gas, electricity and water. Additional $1,000 maximum per year for dependent children. School installs home telephone - all other home telephone charges are the responsibility of the employee. Returning staff are responsible for utility and phone costs during annual home leave/R & R. Because phone invoices are issued 3 months after the fact, terminating staff are required to leave a forwarding address and an estimated 3 months deposit for phone, fax, telex charges. Account is reconciled when all invoices are paid.

Fee Waivers

Includes Application, Capital, Tuition Fees, and Building Bond for all grade levels but limited to 2 children per teacher or 3 per teaching couple.

Medical Examinations

It is a condition of your offer of employment that your and any accompanying family members have the physical and mental health to relocate to Bangladesh for the duration of your contract. If you have concerns about meeting this requirement, you must bring this to the attention of the Superintendent before your employment begins. The school shall treat such statements as confidential information.

At its discretion, the school may require a medical competency examination prior to commencing duties in Dhaka. For all other new staff members, a physical examination will be provided by the school after your arrival at no cost to you to certify that you are competent to teach and live in Dhaka. The AISD Healthcare Practitioner is the ultimate authority regarding all medical competency determinations.


Each Employee, Employee’s listed spouse/partner (if any) and listed dependents (if any) must be screened for tuberculosis as part of the post-offer and periodic medical competency examination.  In addition, the following vaccines are recommended for expatriates (adults and children) living in Bangladesh. These vaccinations exceed those recommended for adults and children living in the USA.

  • Typhoid 
  • Hepatitis A (for adults)
  • Rabies
  • Hepatitis B (for adults)

If the costs of obtaining these vaccinations are fully covered by your current Medical Insurance coverage you should have these before you arrive. Otherwise, we will provide vaccinations to you on arrival at no cost to you. We will not reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses for any vaccines.

Emergency School Evacuation

School pays 75% of the employee's monthly base salary (one-twelfth of annual contracted salary) for up to six months or end of school year, whichever comes first. School designates safe haven. Salary, air ticket and per diem rate of $66.00 per employee for 15 days maximum paid by school. If employee receives salary from another source during evacuation, amount is deducted from AISD salary. If school closes permanently, travel and shipping benefits apply as if contract is terminated.

Professional Development/Conferences

Annual entitlement of $1,200 will be available for each employee for Development / Conferences. Amounts unused in one year may be accumulated in the remaining years of your current contract up to a total of 3 years. Teachers may elect to save their funds and have them carry over to a maximum of $3,600.

Holiday Leave 

Employee is entitled to all scheduled school holidays and vacations. 

Sick Leave 

15 days per year, cumulative to 90 days. If allotted days are used,deductions from salary (divided by 185) are made in month of exceeded absence. Paid sick leave in excess of the above determined by Board. Any portion of the 15 days sick leave can be used for a parent to be with a sick child. 

Personal Leave 

2 days per year with pay. Cannot be used adjacent to scheduled holidays or during the months of August, May and June unless request is for personal leave to attend college graduation of a child of the employee. Cumulative up to 7 days total, which may only be applied to a one-time recruitment leave. 

Recruitment Leave

3 days with pay granted only once during employment tenure at AISD. May be used in conjunction with up to 7 unused personal leave days for a maximum total of ten (10) days.


After two years of service:
Reimbursement of unused sick leave to a maximum of 60 days and unused personal leave @ $25.00 per day payable at the end of employment at AISD.

Maternity/Adoption Leave 

60 calendar days with 100% pay. 

Paternity Leave
8 working days with pay.

Emergency Leave (Bereavement)

10 paid working days in cases of serious illness, injury or death of immediate family member (parents/spouse/children). 5 sick days may also be used. Under normal circumstances, the school will make the arrangements for economy excursion travel using the least expensive, logical, safe, direct route. In an urgent situation, the employee may make the arrangements, according to the same guidelines.

Child Death: Cost of round trip fare for employee and spouse provided by school. 
Parent Death: Cost of round-trip fare for one employee will be provided by school.
Spouse Death: Cost of round trip fare for spouse and child(ren) residing fulltime with employee provided by school.

Unpaid Leave

Granted only for compelling reasons at discretion of the Superintendent. If leave is requested for major portion of school year, board approval is required. Pay deductions made at 1/190 of annual salary for days of unpaid leave. 

Death Benefit 

Death of employee: school is authorized to make appropriate disposition of body and personal effects. Dependents receive travel and shipping benefits as if contract is fulfilled and ended.


Expatriate teachers are exempt from Bangladeshi income taxes.

Termination Benefits 

School-initiated termination

Three months written notice. Three months salary severance. Travel/shipping benefits applicable as if contract is ended. 

Employee-initiated termination in mid-contract

Three months written notice. No severance salary. R & R, contract travel and all shipping benefits forfeited. 

Employee gross misconduct
Immediate termination. Travel/shipping benefits to point of origin. 

Emergency School Evacuation:
As stated in earlier clause - Emergency School Evacuation.

Spouse Employment 

If spouse is employed by school, no duplication of benefits in housing, utilities, local transport, and family designated benefits.


Provided according to American Embassy guidelines.

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