Beyond the Classroom

Classroom teaching is the fundamental responsibility of every staff member; however, it must be emphasized that involvement with students and other staff members in meaningful activities beyond the classroom is viewed as having a direct link to teaching responsibilities, most specifically in the areas of inter-scholastic sports, curriculum coordination, and extra-duty activities. Therefore, the issue of willingness to extend oneself beyond the classroom will continue to be an important factor in the recruitment of professional staff.

All AISD professional staff members are required to function on at least one curriculum committee during the school year. In addition, staff members are encouraged to become involved in other activities beyond the classroom described below:


A sport or instructional activity which is sponsored with AISD students and includes competition with other schools within the South Asia Inter School Association (SAISA) league. Stipend and contract provided.


An instructional activity which is a direct extension of an academic program and may include competition with other schools and/or a major school production/publication, i.e. Yearbook, School Newspaper, School Plays, Debate, Student Government, United Nations Day, Student Choirs, Cultural Convention, etc. Stipend and Contract provided.

Class Advisor Responsibilities (Grades 6-12)

  1. To help build an effective advisor program.
  2. To develop advisor/advisee relationships that are trusting, open, caring, and helping.
  3. To advise regularly an assigned number of students.
  4. To meet with these students in the regular advisor period.
  5. To work with the guidance counselor to advise students in an appropriate and coordinated fashion.
  6. To help our students:
    1. develop positive relationships among class members
    2. with academic decisions
    3. learn about careers
    4. develop self awareness
    5. develop leadership skills
    6. to help supervise class activities
    7. to alert appropriate persons (principal, counselors, parents) when advisees have problems that go beyond the advisor's area of responsibilities
    8. to attend regular advisor meetings.

No stipend provided.

Supervisory duty - Grade PS-12:

Periodic or occasional supervision or club duty during the school day requiring no preparations outside of school. No stipend provided. 

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