Professional Development Plan


The American International School Dhaka employs excellent teachers with a commitment to their students’ learning, as well as their own. At AISD, we provide a program based on American educational principles to students from an international community. We create an academic and social environment that challenges students to achieve their potential, become life long learners and contribute to a changing global society.

Teachers at the school are expected and encouraged to stay current with trends in education as well as to grow as professionals through their daily interactions with peers, ongoing professional reading and attendance at workshops, conferences, and courses. In doing so, they model for their students the behaviors they want them to emulate.

In order to facilitate a culture of professional growth and improvement, AISD is committed to funding relevant and appropriate professional development opportunities for its staff. While we serve as each other’s best and most immediate professional resources, we also realize that there is a need to supplement daily activities and interactions. Therefore, the school has established a funding mechanism for teachers, which assists individual staff members in fulfilling their professional responsibilities. AISD intends to provide individuals with the means to leave the school more skillful, knowledgeable and efficacious educators than when they arrived.


In order to continue to develop AISD as a “learning organization" and a “true community of leaders/learners," Professional development opportunities and responsibilities will be shared by individuals, divisions of the school, and the school as a whole. Faculty and the divisional administrators will be able to determine their needs and be guaranteed that they can act accordingly. Faculty members will be actively encouraged to use their funding to continue to grow and develop as professionals. The Professional Development Committee will continue to interpret the needs of the school and make decisions of a global nature.


Funds for Professional Development will be allotted in the following ways:

I. Personal Professional Development –

All faculty members will be granted a sum of $1200.00 annually to be used at their discretion each year for their own professional growth and development. They may elect to save their funds and have them carry over to a maximum of $3600.

II. Divisional Priorities (Elementary, Middle and High School)* –

Each divisional Principal will control a budget to be used for staff development and training that they feel is appropriate for their division of the school. They will determine a process to be used to make decisions and allocate funds within their control.

III. School-wide Priorities* –

The school leadership team will support a budget that would be used to address staff development and professional growth on a school-wide basis.

IV. NESA Participation* –

The school will continue to encourage participation in NESA professional development opportunities by funding, to an extent to be determined by the PDC, faculty members wishing to be workshop presenters at NESA conferences.

* Sharing with faculty is expected

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