Research indicates that effective after school activity programs contribute to increased student achievement. Whether your child’s interests lie in community service, athletics, or the arts, AISD strives to offer a comprehensive and well balanced after school activity program. Please encourage your child to come out, bring a friend, and try something new.


The AISD Middle School Athletics program is committed to the involvement of as many students as possible through an inclusion policy. The program aims to build skills and knowledge while promoting effort, enjoyment, commitment, positive sportsmanship and fair play. We strive to develop appropriate attitudes towards sportsmanship and competition in all student-athletes. Experience in intramural and interscholastic activities provides students with opportunities to learn skills, make new friends and engage in friendly competition. Students may choose between Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, SAISA Swimming and SAISA Track & Field.

The program structure is such that one team (A Team) is comprised of the stronger skilled players while the remaining students are evenly divided into the additional teams. Intramural activities take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, over the course of a 6-week season. The season ends with a local tournament at AISD, usually held on a Saturday. There is a Head Coach and two Assistant Coaches for each sport. The extra coaches are due to the increased participation in recent years. Our sports seasons typically have between 80-120 student-athletes participating. With 12 sports teams being offered over the course of 4 seasons, middle school students truly do have a world of choices. 


Students sign up on-line for the sports they wish to participate in. Students will be sent instructions and a form via their AISD g-mail account to sign up for both activities and athletic teams. There will also be a link on this web page for students to use to sign-up. 

Middle School students need to complete the following form to be able to participate in athletics. Only one form per student per year is required.

Permission to participate form

Quarter 1 sign-ups.

Athletes, please make sure that the size of your uniform jersey is correct. Many students choose a larger size as middle school students usually continue to grow during ms. *You don't have to get a second uniform if you have one from an earlier season.


AISD offers MS student’s two opportunities to participate on SAISA (South Asia Inter-School Association) Athletic Teams, Swimming and Track & Field. These two sports have age divisions from under 12 to 15-18. Sign-ups and practice times are different than other MS athletic teams. AISD, as a member of SAISA, participates in all the organizations athletic and academic events.  SAISA Schools come from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Oman and India. The purpose of these events is to provide our students with authentic and unique learning experiences that cannot be created in the classroom. The goal is to create situations where our students can grow and mature as teammates, friends, students and human beings.

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