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SAISA boys soccer

Sports competitions and fine arts festivals have always been an important part of learning and growing at AISD. Each year students are given the opportunity to participate in numerous sports and academic events including volleyball, swimming, tennis, basketball, soccer, art, math, music and track & field. AISD teams are the Black and Silver Tigers.

AISD participates in two sports and academic leagues. The regional, Southeast Asia league the school participates in is SAISA (South Asia Inter-School Association). It is made up of 10 international schools in the Indian subcontinent region from the countries of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. These events allow students to travel and explore new cultures, develop both skill and sportsmanship, and expand social bonds with students from AISD and from around the world.

SAISA banner

DISA (Dhaka International Schools Association)

DISA banner

Students at AISD also participate in our local sports league, DISA (Dhaka International Schools Association). It is made up of about 12 international schools here in Dhaka, as well as a few partner schools. Regular season games and tournaments are conducted each season.


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