I PICK Reading

Choice is powerful and motivating when it comes to finding good books to read. But young children need help learning how to make good reading choices. Book-matching strategies help students select appropriate books independently. In the AISD ES Library, children are taught to use the “I PICK” strategy (Boushey & Moser, www.thedailycafe.com) when choosing library books independently for checkout.

I = Refers to the student (I am picking out a book for ME!)

P = Refers to my PURPOSE for coming to the library to checkout a book. (What kind of book am I looking for--perhaps fiction or nonfiction?)

I = I add a current INTEREST to my purpose for choosing a book.  (Maybe it’s a place, or a game or an animal or a genre.)

C = After I read a summary or synopsis of the book, do I COMPREHEND, or understand, the plot?

K = Do I KNOW the words in this book? Can I decode most of the words in this book? (I find this out by doing the Five-Finger Test.)


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