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Title: Accompanist

Job Objective: Providing support to the instructional program with specific responsibilities for providing accompaniment for rehearsals and performances and serving as an instructional resource for students and teachers in the area of Performing Arts.


Education: Education that meets the role’s prerequisite requirements.

Knowledge & Skills: Specific skill-based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: piano playing; sight reading music; and working with large groups, solo vocal instrumentals and choral singers.

Supervised By: Performing Arts Teacher

Major Areas of Responsibility

Analyzes assigned music prior to rehearsal and performances (e.g. correct tempos, challenging transitions, dynamics, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring efficient use of rehearsal time and performance schedules.

Assists the teacher in supervising student activities for the purpose of ensuring efficient use of class time and maintaining a positive learning environment.

Exhibits professional and stage etiquette for the purpose of serving as a model of professionalism at musical productions.

Practices music ahead of performance time for the purpose of learning the music and being able to perform it correctly.

Rehearses with choral groups and individual students preparing for festivals and competition for the purpose of playing full and sectional accompaniment.


Hours will vary according to the needs of the events scheduled.

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV with a recent scanned photo before February 24, 2013 to



Title: Individual Assistant

Job Objective: To provide support to an individual student (in order for the school to provide a program for the special student) in the classroom under the supervision of the classroom teacher and/or support teacher.


Education & Experience: Bachelors degree. Experience in a similar position

Knowledge & Skills: Fluency in English (spoken/reading/written). Confident user of a variety of IT applications, to support the student and perform administrative tasks. Basic First Aid training. Ability to work independently with support.

Employment Arrangement: Individual Assistant pay-scale

Supervised By: Work is performed under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher, grade level support teacher and the general direction of the divisional principal.

Major Areas of Responsibility

I.               Safety

Monitors the supported student within a variety of school environments (e.g. lunch, the bus, playground, classroom, restroom, field trips, assemblies, kitchen, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining a safe and positive learning environment for all. Immediately reports any and all safety concerns to classroom teacher or principal.

II.             Instructional Support

Assist the teacher in implementing the student’s P.E.P. goals and objectives. Assist the teacher in planning and implementing educational and behavioral management programs that enable the supported student to benefit from the program at AISD. Assist the supported student individually or in groups, with assignments, presenting and/or reinforcing learning concepts. Provide instruction individually and to small groups with the supported student. Adapts classroom activities, assignments and/or materials under the direction of the supervising teacher and support teacher for the purpose of supporting and reinforcing classroom objectives. Assists the teacher in devising special strategies for reinforcing behavior or academic skills based on an understanding of the supported student’s needs, interests, and abilities.

III.           Guidance and Behavior Management

Help the supported student to learn and practice appropriate behaviors as an individual and in a group setting. Assist with classroom management by supporting teacher expectations.

IV.           Professionalism

Be respectful of others. Maintain open communication with the classroom teacher and the support teacher. Maintain confidentiality at all times regarding students, teachers and colleagues. Be Punctual. Participate actively in professional development activities as required. Attend meetings regarding the supported student as required. Complete all tasks as assigned by the supervising teacher or principal in an effective and timely manner.

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV with a recent scanned photo before February 24,  2013 to



Position Title:  Project Manager

Department:  General Services

Supervisor:  Director of Facilities and Operations


The Project Manager is responsible for the day to day coordination, management and monitoring of all renovation and construction projects associated with the AISD Campus Modernization Plan. Additionally, the Project Manager will assist in the technical oversight of the school’s skilled trade technicians and assist in the day-to-day operations of the General Services department.


The Project Manager receives direct supervision from the Director of Facilities and Operations, indirect supervision by the school’s senior administrators and collaborates with the Director of General Services, Transportation Manager and Manager of Safety and Security.

CHARACTERISTIC DUTIES - Duties will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assist in the management and oversight of all renovation and construction projects from initiation through closeout.
  • Provide technical oversight to contractors and in house trade technicians and ensure service delivery to all school facilities
  • Manage campus wide communications as they relate to general service and renovation activities.
  • Serve on various school committees.
  • Coordinate facility use with other departments during renovation and construction projects. 
  • Represent the school’s interests regarding renovation and construction in the absence of the DFO.
  • Interpret applicable regulations and ensure compliance as required


Education: BA/BS degree in mechanical engineering, facilities management or other engineering discipline.  A degree earned abroad is highly preferred. Masters degree also preferred

Experience: Five to Seven years of verifiable experience managing projects and operations of similar scope and complexity.

Special Requirements/Skills: Demonstrated advanced understanding of the methods, materials, procedures, strategies and philosophies exercised in the administration of a large complex international facilities operation with emphasis on general services and construction related activities.

Advanced written and oral communication skills required. Advanced English language strongly preferred.

The Project Manager must be available to respond to emergency circumstances 24 hours a day seven days a week.


1. Ability to sit, stand and walk for long periods.

2. Ability to kneel and bend.

3. Ability to work in adverse environmental conditions such as extreme heat noise and construction site related conditions.

Interested candidates are requested to send their updated CV with a recent photo before 24th February 2013 to



We are currently looking for experienced and dynamic teachers, teaching assistants and admin assistants willing to work as SUBSTITUTES on a short/long term basis. Please note that this is not a regular/permanent position.

Interested candidates are requested to send their updated CV with a recent scanned photograph to the following address:


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