Handy Hints

Handy Hints to applying and starting at AISD

Moving countries and moving schools can be a stressful experience. As an international school, we know what an anxious time it can be, with so many other important issues crowding your mind and demanding your attention too. But there are ways you can minimize the stress when it comes to applying for a place at AISD and settling into school life as a family. 

Here we have put together a simple check-list of things you need to be mindful of when applying to AISD. Please take the time to read through this list as it is designed to help you and your child(ren) be fully prepared for life at AISD. 

Before You Apply

Please read the section 'Before you Apply' on the website. This section contains all the specific AISD documents you will need to complete and submit as part of your application. 

Apply Early

Please know that we do our utmost to offer a place to qualifying candidates, but if a grade is full, your child may be in the wait pool until a place becomes available. Appying as early as possible is often the best way to avoid disappointment.

School Reports

We really do need past school reports before a decision on admissions can be made, so please make sure you scan them and send them to us as part of the application. 

Learning Support

If you know your child has learning difficulties or special needs, please do send us relevant reports as part of the application process. 

Processing Time

Once we've received your application, you will receive a message from the Admissions Team within three working days*.  After we have all the necessary documentation from you, the application fee has been submitted and the tests have been carried out successfully, a decision by the divisional principal (ES, MS or HS) will be made. This process may take several weeks or longer, depending on our seat availability. 

*The working week in Bangladesh is from Sunday to Thursday. Please also be conscious of varying time zones. 

Preparing for PreK

If your child is just starting school, typically in Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes, please ensure that your child is fully toilet trained and knows how to go to the bathroom without the assistance of an adult. 

Preparing for ES

All elementary school (including PreK) students should be able to dress themselves and feed themselves independently. 

Preparing for MS and HS

Middle School and High School students need to bring a Mac laptop to school with them everyday. The specifications will be shared with you upon successful admission. 

Math Resources

High School students will need scientific calculators, specifications of which will also be shared with you upon sucessful admission. 

Mandatory Activities

AISD is an IB school that follows a holistic approach to learning, which means that your child(ren) will be involved in a variety of different activities that are considered mandatory and relevant to their personal development and learning. This includes the Discovery Week program for Middle and High School students which sees all students in the entire grade explore other countries, encouraging them to work together as a team and experience community service. 

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