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Updated February 2019

The American International School Dhaka (AISD) strives to promote a healthy environment for its students, staff, parents, contractor partners, and visitors to our campus. Dhaka has environmental concerns for the quality of air, among other environmental concerns that can affect us. It is the objective of this Policy to detail the mitigation measures taken at AISD to maintain a healthy environment.

Exposure to elevated levels of air pollution causes both short-term and long-term health effects. The extent of those effects varies depending on individual risk factors such as age, existing cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, and nature of activities performed. Research has found children (ages 0 to 18) and the elderly (age 65+) are the most susceptible receptors and thus require additional mitigation measures as compared to the general population.

AISD’s approach is built on three components:

  1. Provide our community with awareness and knowledge to enable individuals to make educated decisions surrounding air pollution and its impacts. 

  2. Provide our community with a safe indoor learning environment.

  3. Balance the benefits of outdoor activities with science-based expert guidance. 

The Basics:

  1. AISD relies on the Air Quality Index (AQI) to determine the extent of health impacts and mitigation response needed. Conversion of criteria pollutant concentrations differs among nations globally. AISD recognizes and uses the AQI developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

  2. The official measurement used by AISD is the AirVisual Pro monitors located on campus in key locations. The security guards read the AQI number once per half-hour (30 minutes).


Outdoor Activity Guide


  1. Heavy Exertion Activities: Includes soccer (football), cross country, track and field (distance portion), and similar ASAs/field trips. 

  2. Modified: A change to reduce the time and/or level of exertion of an activity. Examples include moving indoors, focus on technical skills, and replace workout for an easy day. Implementation is left up to the discretion of the coach or activity leader. 

Detailed Division-Specific Outdoor Activities Guidance: 

AISD Air Quality Response Chart

  • Campus:

    • At All Times:  
      • Doors to the outside shall be kept closed.
  • Elementary, Middle, and High School
    • At AQI<200:
      • Periodic monitoring with no change to normal operations.
      • Students experiencing respiratory discomfort or with asthma are monitored.
    • At AQI 200-300
      • Heavy exertion outdoor activities will be modified (sports and ASAs).
      • Students experiencing respiratory discomfort or with asthma are monitored.
    • At AQI>300
      • All ES activities moved indoors (recess, PE, ASAs)
      • All classroom doors and windows closed
      • Students experiencing respiratory discomfort or with asthma are monitored.
      • Field trips with significant outdoor time (> 1 hour) may be canceled/postponed depending on the location of the activity.  The principal and/or administrator will determine this one (1) hour prior to departure.

Additional Guidance/Exceptions:

  1. Community members who are more sensitive to the health effects of air pollution, including individuals with asthma, respiratory illness, and heart or lung disease are recommended to take additional mitigation measures. Parents of these children should speak with their Principal and ensure the conditions are recorded within the school’s records. Faculty/employees should inform their direct supervisor of such conditions. 

  2. Air pollution levels will vary during the day and may rise above or below outdoor activity guidance levels during ongoing activities. Activities with less than one hour remaining may proceed using the mitigation measures the activity started with. Activities (excluding field trips) with greater than one hour remaining shall align with the mitigation measures for the most recent AQI reading. 

  3. Sport Conference (e.g. DISA & SAISA) AQI Policies supersede this Policy. Additional information on specific conference Air Quality policies are provided in Appendix 1.
  4. Campus Members using AISD facilities are recommended, but not required to adhere to this Policy.

Monitoring Procedure:

  1. The official measurement used by AISD is the AirVisual Pro monitors located inside the school in key locations. The security guards read the AQI number once per half-hour (30 minutes) The reading for this station can be found here: SITE ON OUR WEBPAGE

  2. AISD does not have an automatic notification system for AQI. Monitoring AQI readings shall be the responsibility of the individual managing the activity and looking at the flags near the ES playground.
    1. Coaches for practices
    2. Coaches for ASAs
    3. Principals for school events and field trips
    4. Activities Director for sports games
  3. Modification/cancelation/suspension decisions shall be made within the following timeline:
    1. Field trips/School events (i.e. International Day) – One hour prior to departure.
    2. School day activities (PE, recess, ASAs, practices) – Use last available reading.
    3. Sports games – One hours prior to start or per conference guidelines.

Activity Conference Guidelines

Locally Hosted Inter School Events:

The Tournament/Festival Director will have jurisdictional authority for the interpretation of the rules and schedule during locally hosted competitions or festivals. Staging of outdoor activities will depend upon air quality, as measured by the U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI) or its equivalent. Index as follows:

  1. Level 1 (1-200 AQI): No modification necessary.
  2. Level 2 (201 and above AQI): The host Activities Director has the authority to modify or 
suspend activities. Measurements are taken within an hour of game time.
  3. Track and field may be modified throughout the day. 

SAISA: AISD internal guidelines until SAISA adopts an official policy.


Adopted:  March 2019