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Working at AISD

service learning
Service learning at AISD


AISD adopted a Child Protection Policy  on November 17, 2015 and is committed to the protection of all children and young people from harm.  We require all applicants to undergo stringent selection and screening processes before being allowed to work with children.


The American International School Dhaka (AISD) is an accredited, private, independent day school serving the educational needs of the international community in Dhaka. Located in Baridhara, a residential suburb approximately 10 Km from central Dhaka, the 4.5-acre campus serves as a center for a diverse and involved international school community.

The school's mission statement proudly proclaims AISD’s commitment to creating students who will become stewards of a just and sustainable world. AISD provides a program based on American educational principles to students from an international community. We create an academic and social environment that challenges students to achieve their potential, become life-long learners and contribute to a changing global society.

AISD is widely recognized as a community based school in South Asia with its mission accomplished through the efforts of experienced and talented teachers. The teachers here are exceptionally committed to their students. Our faculty offers a rich and varied curriculum with a full range of courses, including: Band, Choir, Drama, Design Technology, Art, Physical Education, French, Spanish, EAL, and South Asian Studies.  Teachers also provide an advisory program, integrated technology, Student Support Services, a required Senior Project or Extended Essay and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years and Diploma programs.

An essential feature at AISD is our school-wide commitment to service learning. In general, the school is the hub of the community, supporting learning opportunities for students and parents morning, noon, and night. School year is divided into two semesters. For teachers first semester start from first week of August to mid December, the second from the beginning of January to the beginning of June.

Overall, the AISD school community has much to be grateful for: a modern teaching campus, spacious physical education facilities, an exceptional faculty, opportunities to grow and learn through an extensive sports and activities program, a supportive parent community, and best of all a spirited and motivated student body.

We are always looking for thoughtful, compassionate and dynamic teachers willing to share in the lives of our students and the community that supports them. If you are such an individual, we look forward to hearing from and meeting you.

Job Openings for the 2020-2021 School Year
Beyond the Classroom

Classroom teaching is the fundamental responsibility of every staff member; however, it must be emphasized that involvement with students and other staff members in meaningful activities beyond the classroom is viewed as having a direct link to teaching responsibilities, most specifically in the areas of inter-scholastic sports, curriculum coordination, and extra-duty activities. Therefore, the issue of willingness to extend oneself beyond the classroom will continue to be an important factor in the recruitment of professional staff.

All AISD professional staff members are required to function on at least one curriculum committee during the school year. In addition, staff members are encouraged to become involved in other activities beyond the classroom described below:


A sport or instructional activity which is sponsored with AISD students and includes competition with other schools within the South Asia Inter School Association (SAISA) league. Stipend and contract provided.


An instructional activity which is a direct extension of an academic program and may include competition with other schools and/or a major school production/publication, i.e. Yearbook, School Newspaper, School Plays, Debate, Student Government, United Nations Day, Student Choirs, Cultural Convention, etc. Stipend and Contract provided.

Class Advisor Responsibilities (Grades 6-12)

To help build an effective advisor program.

To develop advisor/advisee relationships that are trusting, open, caring, and helping.

To advise regularly an assigned number of students.

To meet with these students in the regular advisor period.

To work with the guidance counselor to advise students in an appropriate and coordinated fashion.

To help our students:

a. develop positive relationships among class members

b. with academic decisions

c. learn about careers

d. develop self awareness

e. develop leadership skills

f. to help supervise class activities

g. to alert appropriate persons (principal, counselors, parents) when advisees have problems that go beyond the advisor's area of responsibilities

h. to attend regular advisor meetings.

No stipend provided.

Supervisory duty - Grade PS-12:

Periodic or occasional supervision or club duty during the school day requiring no preparations outside of school. No stipend provided. 

Professional Development Plan


The American International School Dhaka employs excellent teachers with a commitment to their students’ learning, as well as their own. At AISD, we provide a program based on American educational principles to students from an international community. We create an academic and social environment that challenges students to achieve their potential, become life long learners and contribute to a changing global society.

Teachers at the school are expected and encouraged to stay current with trends in education as well as to grow as professionals through their daily interactions with peers, ongoing professional reading and attendance at workshops, conferences, and courses. In doing so, they model for their students the behaviors they want them to emulate.

In order to facilitate a culture of professional growth and improvement, AISD is committed to funding relevant and appropriate professional development opportunities for its staff. While we serve as each other’s best and most immediate professional resources, we also realize that there is a need to supplement daily activities and interactions. Therefore, the school has established a funding mechanism for teachers, which assists individual staff members in fulfilling their professional responsibilities. AISD intends to provide individuals with the means to leave the school more skillful, knowledgeable and efficacious educators than when they arrived.


In order to continue to develop AISD as a “learning organization" and a “true community of leaders/learners," Professional development opportunities and responsibilities will be shared by individuals, divisions of the school, and the school as a whole. Faculty and the divisional administrators will be able to determine their needs and be guaranteed that they can act accordingly. Faculty members will be actively encouraged to use their funding to continue to grow and develop as professionals. The Professional Development Committee will continue to interpret the needs of the school and make decisions of a global nature.


Each employee will have $1,200 allocated each year for Development/Conferences. Amounts unused in one year may be accumulated in the remaining years of your current contract up to a total of 3 years. Teachers may elect to save their funds and have them carry over to a maximum of $3,600. Any employee participating in professional development must provide a workshop/seminar to the faculty upon returning from any professional development activity. 

The school reserves the right to suspend money allocated for professional development at any time deemed necessary due to the financial situation the school is facing.

Professional development money may not be used by an employee during the last semester of employment at the School.

Benefits & Salary

Teacher's Salary Scale SY 2020-21 (in US Dollars)



*Bold indicates highest starting salary at the time of hire.

Each step on the scale represents one full year of teaching experience in an American or equivalent school. Substitute teaching will not be counted. The administration will evaluate prior experience for initial placement on the scale.1.

Additional credits beyond last degree awarded must be earned after awarding of degree.




Child Protection Policy

AISD adopted a Child Protection Policy on November 17, 2015, and is committed to the protection of all children and young people from harm.  We require all applicants to undergo stringent selection and screening processes before being allowed to work with children.

Apply Now

If you are interested in joining our team at AISD, please send the documentation listed below to

  1. A cover letter (approximately one page) stating the position(s) of interest and a brief explanation of what makes you an excellent educator and fit for AISD.
  2. A current resume, which includes DOB, citizenship, and current contact information.
  3. A list of references which includes the names and contact details of current and past supervisors.