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Service Learning

Elementary School

A significant part of the PYP experience is action. In the Elementary School, we are committed to meet our school’s vision and take action for ‘a just and sustainable world’. At AISD, our elementary students take action in a variety of ways. Many of our projects are self-sustaining initiatives that provide meaningful assistance to members of our community. Some of our service learning activities or projects support the Nooraloy School (a school which provides education for students unable to attend the government schools); the Bearers’ Fund (a project spearheaded by our fifth graders which supports the education of our local employees and has raised over 10,000 over the past five years); and the ABC School (a school for street children originally started by AISD faculty); and various other development projects around Dhaka.

Middle School

All middle school students participate in service at different times of the year. Service learning is integrated into the Middle School curriculum and is organized through classes and through grade level advisory teams. The Middle School has developed a special connection with the Families For Children (FFC) orphanage, and many of the service learning projects (dances, swimming, lunches and cultural exchanges) support the children in this local orphanage. Middle school students also participate in special projects to promote environmental sustainability.

High School

Service Learning is an essential part of the AISD High School experience and is a requirement to earn an AISD Diploma. The High School currently supports eleven different organizations in and around Dhaka. All High School students participate in the various projects and special “Service Learning Days” are scheduled twice a year for on-site, hands-on work to be completed.