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Student Support Services

"Inclusion, a continual process dedicated to enhancing access and involvement in learning for all students by identifying and eliminating barriers, thrives in a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, support, and collective problem-solving within the entire school community”
– Learning Diversity and Inclusion in IB Programs, pg.3.

Essential beliefs at AISD include recognizing each student's unique learning characteristics, supporting them within regular classrooms, emphasizing a strong partnership between school and home, and viewing learning as a social and cognitive process. 

Although the AISD curriculum is not modified, the Student Support Team employs instructional support systems to eliminate learning barriers so students can access the academic program. Quality educators lead learning through evidence-based approaches, using data-guided collaborative decision-making and supporting classroom implementation.

The Student Support Team (SST)  at AISD comprises a Psychologist, Speech and Language Consultant, Language Learning Specialists, Learning Support Specialists, Counselors, and Administrators. This team collaborates with classroom and subject teachers and parents to implement plans, monitor student progress, and advocate for accommodations and differentiated instruction for students with identified learning needs.

 The Learning Support Program is grounded in current research and best practices and employs a collaborative instructional model tailored to individual student needs. Using the Response to Intervention (the RTI model), AISD aims to identify student needs early and give them the support they need to thrive in school.  

Processes and procedures at AISD help identify learning needs, emphasizing an early intervention model. Learning specialists contribute their expertise within the school community, supporting all students' learning needs, assisting with differentiated lesson planning in classrooms as needed, and being active in classrooms for inclusive support for small groups and individual students.

EAL - English as an Additional Language

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program at AISD supports English language acquisition across content areas while upholding the philosophy of maintaining and developing home languages. The program aims to provide all students with opportunities to enhance their academic English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for success in the classroom and beyond.

The EAL program caters to individualized needs and learning styles through one-on-one sessions, small-group instruction, in-class support, and collaboration by the Language Specialist with classroom or subject teachers. Aligned with the latest language and cognitive development research, AISD encourages multilingualism, respecting its families' diverse cultures and backgrounds.