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The technology implementation at AISD follows the same philosophy applied to other educational tools: the use of technology is purposeful and designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences both at school and at home. From Kindergarten onwards, all students have access to dedicated technology learning devices at school. In the early years and lower Elementary, iPads are used as the primary learning devices, while upper Elementary students use laptops, which are occasionally taken home to facilitate learning. In the Secondary school, AISD has in place a Bring Your Own Device program, requiring students to bring to school a learning laptop that meets the minimum specifications. These laptops are used across all subjects when deemed pedagogically appropriate by the respective teachers.

NOTE: In order for there to be a unified 1:1 laptop program in the Secondary School, the current Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program will shift to a Bring Your Own Mac (BYOM) program in the beginning of the 2024-25 school year. From August 2024 onwards, all Secondary School students will have to use a current Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro laptop.

AISD has in place a robust technology infrastructure that enables seamless wireless connectivity throughout the school campus, giving the students access to the best productivity and learning platforms.

AISD has implemented a comprehensive digital citizenship program for all grade levels, with a focus on responsible behavior within the digital domain. This program addresses critical areas such as media balance and well-being, privacy and security, cyberbullying, and news and media literacy. AISD’s digital citizenship program uses resources from Common Sense Media, and has earned our school the title of a Common Sense School.