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ES After School Activities

Elementary Extra-Curricular Activities

The AISD Elementary School academic experience is complemented by a strong extra-curricular program. Our program is designed to reflect and support the school’s mission and core values. We strive for full participation by offering a range of opportunities and experiences outside of the school curriculum to encourage learning and growth of the individual. These areas include competitive and non-competitive sports, after-school activities, performing arts, student leadership and service opportunities.  The activities offered at AISD are structured, challenging and rewarding - tailored to meet individual needs and contribute toward their physical/mental development and social wellbeing.

Each afternoon, more than half our Elementary School students participate in one or more of dozens of activities offered through our After School Activities (ASA) program. Activities in sports, crafts, arts, foreign language, computers, and hobbies are taught by either AISD teachers or adults hired from the community. ( and offered on a nominal cost basis.) Bus transportation home is provided and students are encouraged to take part. On weekends, activities continue with Saturday Sports (soccer, basketball, baseball), swimming, dancing and scouts.

Students have other opportunities during the school day outside of the regular curriculum. The Elementary School Student Council gives class representatives a wonderful chance to plan activities and events for their schoolmates. Weekly assemblies offer talented students a chance to perform for the whole school, be it playing an instrument or showing off a new hobby. A variety of special events such as the track meet, fun and games days, the musical/play, and the winter concert enable interested students to accomplish something very special. Serving as a community center, the school is a hub of activity for our families, seven days a week. 

ASA Registration Procedure

ASA Registration Page

Q3 ES ASA Brochure

Elementary Tiger Sports Program

In addition to the After School Activities (ASA) program,  AISD also offers a competitive, interscholastic sports program for Elementary students in Grade 3, 4 & 5. The goal of this program is to give students a non-threatening, active and fun introduction to a competitive sports environment. Coaches will be teaching the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and responsibility.  

The Elementary Tigers Sports program follows the same four quarter schedule as regular ASA’s. There will be a new team/sport every quarter, with the swim team being a team that runs all year long. Team placement for all ES Tiger teams will be determined by attendance and/or by random placement with the goal of each team being equitable. Any student who commits to attending all practices, regardless of talent, will be part of one of the tournament teams.  The emphasis of the ES Tiger Sports program is not on winning at any cost, but rather building self-confidence, skill development and growing a love of sport.


Elementary Tiger Teams Calendar for Elementary Students in Grades 2 - 5 

Season 1: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Excelsior Soccer (Gr. 3-4) 

Season 2: Boys and Girls Track and Field (Gr 4 & 5) 

                Boys Excelsior Soccer (Gr. 2 & 3) 

Season 3: Boys and Girls Badminton, Boys Excelsior Soccer (Gr. 3-4)

Season 4: Boys and Girls Soccer (Gr. 4-5), Boys Excelsior Soccer (Gr. 3-4) 


All Year: Boys and Girls Swimming