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After School Activities Registration Procedure

Online Enrollment (First Come, First Serve)

To enroll parents use our Online Enrollment System to state their preferences for After School Activities at AISD. Follow steps below to secure activities for your child.

  1. Once you have arrived to the login screen, as shown below you may login using Powerschool Parent ID and password used to access PowerSchool.
  2. Please note that "User Name" and "Password" are case sensitive. Please contact Activities Office for lost or forgotten password.
  3. Registration website will display a list of activities that are available for your child in an age group. Please note list will differ for each grade level and gender.
  4. Sign up will take place in two consecutive sessions: 1st session will allow parents to signup for maximum two activities and 2nd session will allow them to signup for a total of four activities.
  5. Please note system will accept maximum 4 activities each quarter per child.
  6. To select your preferences, simply locate activity of your choice from the list and click "Select". To change your selection, simply click "Remove" associated with each preference.
  7. On the signup window, check "Available" and "Capacity" columns against each activity for availability. Available count “0” means activity is full.
  8. Confirmed activities will pop up in 2nd table below as shown in the image. You can print confirmed list by clicking on "Print" button.
  9. Please note confirmation depends on the actual class size of enrollment. If we have to cancel an activity due to small class size, notifications will be sent to parents.