Supporting Information

When to Apply

AISD has a rolling admissions policy however we recommend families submit applications to AISD well in advance of their arrival into Bangladesh, preferably before the end of their current semester.

School Year

Our school year is divided into two semesters. The first from mid August to mid December, the second from the beginning of January to the beginning of June.

United States Embassy Employees

Given AISD's close relationship with the United States Embassy in Bangladesh, children of U.S. Government employees, in grades Kindergarten through twelve, whose fees are paid by the U.S. Government and who meet the school's entrance requirements, will be admitted automatically to the school. For Pre-Kindergarten, children of U.S. Government employees, whose fees would be paid by the U.S. Government (in grades K-12) and who meet the entrance requirements, are given priority for admission. Please note all families, including U.S. Embassy employees, must complete and submit applications online in advance of their arrival in Bangladesh, preferably before the end of the semester prior to arrival.


In order for your submitted application to enter the application review process, all required documentation must be submitted online. Past school reports are essential to the review process. Applications will not be reviewed until all the required documents are received. Please be aware our admissions team cannot gather or request school documents from other schools on behalf of families applying to AISD. All documents must be collected and submitted directly by families.

Learning Support

Our educational community serves students who meet admissions criteria and can be supported by our inclusionary model, given the services available. Support is provided within each division (ES, MS, and HS) in order to meet a variety of needs. While AISD does not modify the curriculum for students, we provide accommodations based on identified needs. All three divisions at AISD use a collaborative approach when identifying and meeting the needs of students. We have the training and resources to address the needs of students requiring English as an Additional Language, counseling services and learning support services for learning difficulties. We promote curricular integration and student engagement, and hold ourselves accountable for differentiating instruction and collaborating with colleagues to best address each child’s learning needs. If your child has learning difficulties or special needs, please include the relevant reports as part of your online application.

Readiness for Pre-K and Elementary School Children

For children just starting school, typically in Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes, please ensure that your child is fully toilet trained and is able to use the bathroom without adult assistance before applying. All elementary school students (including Pre-K) must be able to dress and feed themselves independently.

Middle and High School Technology Requirements

Middle school and high school students are required to bring their own laptop (Mac or Windows) to school daily. The specifications will be shared upon successful admission. High school students will need scientific calculators. The specifications will be shared upon successful admission.

Mandatory Activities AISD is an IB school that follows a holistic approach to learning, which means that your child(ren) will be involved in a variety of different activities that are considered mandatory and relevant to their personal development and learning. This includes the Discovery Week program for Middle and High School students which sees all students in the entire grade explore other countries, encouraging them to work together as a team and experience community service.