Application Process Guide

Applications are submitted to AISD through our Online Application Link. There are three steps for submitting an application online:

  • Answer all questions in the online Application Form.
  • Upload all relevant documents and additional filled-out forms with the Application Form.
  • Pay the Application Processing Fee.

1) All records submitted with the application must be in English. Translated documents must be verified/certified by an official translator. Parents may not translate records.

2) Documentation: Please be aware our admissions team cannot gather or request school documents from other schools on behalf of families applying to AISD. All documents must be collected and submitted directly by families. The following documents must be completed and submitted to AISD online:

  • A completed Online Application Form (login online to activate) which includes the following:
    • A completed online Language Survey 
    • A completed, Confidential Teacher Recommendation Form completed by the studentʼs current counselor/teacher and sent directly from the student's current school to AISD. We will not accept the form if it does not come directly from the school. 
    • Completed online Health Information 
    • Upload a copy of immunization records. Please click here for detailed information on AISD's immunization requirements.
    • Upload a complete set of academic transcripts or report cards for the past 3 years of school
    • Upload a copy of any standardized achievement test scores (ITBS, PSAT, MAP, ISA etc)
    • Upload a copy of studentʼs photo identification page of all passports held and visa for Bangladesh
    • Upload a copy of both parentsʼ photo identification page of all passports held and visa for Bangladesh
    • Upload a copy of Speech/Language, psycho-educational or special needs evaluations and or records (if applicable)
    • Upload a copy of both parentsʼ Bangladeshi National ID Card (if applicable)
    • Upload copies of any additional documents specifically requested by AISD

3) There is a one-time, non-refundable Application Processing Fee of US$350. The fee can be paid online using a credit card through the online Application Form or by check. Please note a 3.99% fee is applied to the US$350 fee for online credit card payments when using the online application form.

If you are in Dhaka you may pay the Application Processing Fee in person in cash (USD or BDT), credit card or check. Checks can be in USD or Bangladeshi Taka as per the dayʼs exchange rate payable to "AISD". Please be sure parent's name is on the check. If you need access to the campus please call our admissions office to schedule an appointment call +8801713396783. If you cannot pay in person, you may send your check to our campus (address at the bottom of this page) c/o the "Business Office".

Questions on how to make payments? Please call Shuayeb Ahmed, Finance Manager at +8801713396759.

AISD cannot start reviewing the application until all required documentation has been received and the Application Processing Fee has been paid. Submitting an application online does not guarantee admission to the school. All applications are reviewed by our admissions committee for the final decision.



All students applying to AISD from Pre-K3 to Gr 10 are are required to complete placement testing.

For Pre-K3 & PreK4: individual screening sessions are held at AISD for which their presence on campus is required or you can opt for the virtual screening.

For KG - Gr 5: MAP testing administered by AISD plus a writing sample, followed by an interview.

For Gr 6 - Gr 10: MAP testing administered by AISD plus a writing sample, followed by an interview.

Please note that additional testing might be conducted if their initial screening results are deemed inconclusive. Prospective families are welcome to contact our admissions department with questions before applying online:
Form and Information Downloads for Applications


Once the online application is successfully submitted and the Application Processing Fee has been paid, parents will receive a confirmation of receipt email from the admissions team within three working days*.

After placement tests have been carried out, the complete file will be turned over to our admissions team for review and final decision. Parents will be notified of the admission team's decision by email from the admissions office. Families living in Bangladesh may also be contacted by phone.

*The working week in Bangladesh is from Sunday to Thursday (UTC+6). Bangladesh does not observe Daylight Savings Time.