Tuition & Fees

Tuition Fees and other applicable charges for the School Year 2023-24 can be accessed through these links:

Age Requirements & Grade Level Placement

Students are admitted and placed in grades with consideration of:

  • age 
  • school records 
  • achievement level 
  • emotional and physical maturity 
  • placement screening.

Children are placed in classes along with their age-peers. The age cut-off date for determining class placement is August 31st of the school year you are applying for. Once students are enrolled into AISD, they will be assured of continued enrollment as long as they are achieving satisfactory academic results, fees are paid, and demonstrate good behavior.

AISD closely follows an age/grade policy and places students in the appropriate grade level according to their age and ability. AISD reviews the placement of each child individually and believes children are best served when placed in their respective aged peer groups. With this in mind, the school reserves the right to make the final placement decision. 

Required Documents & Information

When applying to AISD online, parents need to include the information and documents listed below. Documents need to be collected from student’s current school, parent’s records, downloaded from our site then filled in, etc. Please note AISD cannot source any documents on behalf of prospective students. All documentation must be sourced by parents. 

Information to be filled out within the Online Application:

  • Language Survey
  • Health Information  

Documents to be uploaded:

  • Immunization records. Click here for detailed information on AISD's immunization requirements
  • Complete set of academic transcripts or report cards for the past 3 years of school
  • Copy of any standardized achievement test scores (ITBS, PSAT, MAP, ISA etc)
  • Identification:
    • studentʼs photo identification page of all passports held and visa for Bangladesh
    • both parentsʼ photo identification page of all passports held and visa for Bangladesh
    • both parentsʼ Bangladeshi National ID Card (if applicable)

Forms downloaded from the AISD site: Confidential Teacher Recommendation Form completed by the studentʼs current counselor/teacher and sent directly from the student's current school to AISD. We will not accept the form if it does not come directly from the school. 



Additional documentation, IF APPLICABLE:

  • Copy of Speech/language, psycho-educational or special needs evaluations and or records (if applicable)
  • Copies of any additional documents specifically requested by AISD

Additional documentation for the Health Office for enrolled students, IF APPLICABLE:

If your child has been enrolled into AISD, please download, fill, and sign the applicable form(s) and bring them with you to AISD at orientation.