High School Activities

AISD students have the opportunity to shape their high school experience through their activity involvement. We encourage students at the high school level to find and follow their passions via art, creativity, academic, service, athletics, and other pursuits. AISD hosts many clubs, fine and performing arts opportunities, as well as our SAISA activities and athletics (South Asia Inter-School Activities conference) to allow students agency in creating their path. 

Unique AISD student experiences like AISD 'The Voice", the annual talent show, quarterly Class Colors Nights, SAC Fairs, and more round out the high school experience.

The goal of our Activities programs is to facilitate student activity so they can enhance society by contributing beauty, enjoyment, scholarship, service and action. Students are expected to analyze, interpret, evaluate, synthesize and develop ideas, beliefs and abilities during these learning opportunities. By maintaining intellectual curiosity and setting goals for personal growth students engaging in the activities program develop their sense of self and their place in the world. 

It's great working at a school where the administration supports the arts and allows me, as the band director, to flex my teaching muscles and think BIG. From casual lunchtime and coffee shop performances to elaborate concerts with guest artists, there are no limits at AISD. I love being in a place that encourages a bright spotlight on our student artists as well as being valued and appreciated as an educator. Kelley Michelle Taylor, MM, MEd, Secondary Band Director

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