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At AISD we believe strongly in the value that the interscholastic athletic competition program brings to the school and the student community. The AISD HS Athletics program is offered as an educational activity first and foremost - an extension of the classroom experience that provides unique opportunities to teach life lessons. Within the program lessons related to leadership, goal setting, teamwork, decision making, perseverance, integrity, sacrifice, competing with character and overcoming adversity are developed. 

The positive educational outcomes of interscholastic athletics at AISD do not happen by chance. They happen because teachers, coaches and school administration adopt an intentional and purposeful approach to the interscholastic athletic experience.

Wins are achieved through AISD athletics by developing successful athletes and teams, but more importantly, wins are achieved through the educational experience by developing successful and responsible students, leaders and community members. At AISD we adhere to the philosophy of the Positive Coaching Alliance and the Double Goal Coaching program - "While being competitive and winning is an objective, it is more important that coaches teach life lessons through sports experiences.

Coaches will model and teach players respect through "Honoring the Game" while players focus on mastering their sport and behaviors which leads to higher effort, learning and improved athletic and life performance. 

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SAISA EXPERIENCE: Join our girl's basketball team as they recap the sites and sounds of their trip to Amman Jordan for SAISA basketball. 

Tigers in Amman

AISD HS Athletics Program

The AISD HS Athletics Program consists of numerous sport related learning opportunities ranging from onsite activities, within Dhaka competitions/exchanges and international events. From climbing and yoga to soccer and track and field AISD provides as many experiences as possible as a part of our commitment to student wellness and holistic education.

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SAISA helped me create friendships...
that I'll keep for a lifetime Miraaj Al Haque, Class of 2017

South Asian Inter-Scholastic Association (SAISA)

AISD participates in SAISA (South Asia Inter-School Association). SAISA is made up of 10 international schools in the South Asia region from the countries of Bangladesh, India, Jordan , Nepal, Oman, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

SAISA events allow AISD students to travel and explore new cultures, develop both athletic and fair play skills while expanding social bonds with students from AISD and from around the world.

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