Arts in the Middle & High School

The act of making art allows us not only to think for ourselves but also to feel for ourselves. As we move headlong into a future of gadgets and electronic waves - art helps us to stay connected - to ourselves, to our community and to the rest of the world. 

Art was the first means of communication and it remains universal. 

At AISD we endeavor to instill a life-long love, respect and understanding of the arts as a whole. In the middle and high school we strive to offer a challenging curriculum and diverse co-curricular program to appeal to all students involved. A focus of our program is to provide multiple opportunities for self expression and growth.

Theater Arts

From improvisation workshops, opportunities to audition for annual productions, travel to an ISTA festival or star in an IB short - there are many opportunities to shine in the Theater Arts program. The Theater Arts co-curricular program is an extension of classroom instruction and development with performance ideas and training occurring in both settings.

In recent years students have wowed audiences with drama classics such as High School Musical and The Pirates of Penzance along with major student written and directed projects.

Visual Arts

In concert with the classroom curriculum the MS/HS visual arts programs allow for student agency and engagement. Middle school students learn to become innovators and out of the box thinkers in the art environment. A variety of mediums are used - from clay sculpture to claymation, sketches to printmaking and watercolor to graffiti art. High School students have a unique perspective to offer art projects as idealistic and thoughtful creators.

Young adult artists become adept at the foundations of art as they apply them to IB Visual art classes and co-curricular passion projects with the opportunity of SAISA art travel.

Musical Arts

The Music department offers AISD a comprehensive blend of traditional class based ensembles to co-curricular clubs and performance activities to enrich the cultural life of AISD. Music rings throughout the campus all day long and into the night! With curricular programs such as symphonic band, guitar and choir along with co-curricular offerings including Jazz Band, Woodwinds, Brass and more - students at AISD are encouraged to 'find their voice'.

SAISA Band and Choir along with AMIS Music provide opportunities for our musicians to take their talents abroad and represent the best of AISD.

Our Anita and Samson H. Chowdhury Performing Arts Center is where confidence and imagination take flight!