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American International School Dhaka
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Philosophy of Co-Curricular Athletics • Activities • Arts
After school co-curricular and inter-school activities/ competitions/ performances are an integral part of the educational program of the American International School Dhaka. The ultimate purpose of these programs is to enhance a student's personal growth, encourage social development, while improving group effectiveness, activity related skills and interpersonal growth.

Our overall program encourages participation and achievement on a broad scale in varied environments. Participation by every student who possesses an interest is encouraged.

Athletics  Activities

Co-curricular activities and athletics are an extension of the entire school learning program across all three divisions. The fundamental principle of the overall program is to serve the holistic development of students. Each activity and athletics supervisor works to instill in our student participants the following attitudes, behaviors, and skills: A Growth Mindset / Respect / Commitment / Ethical Character / Critical Thinking / Accountability and Responsibility. 

The operating principle of the Athletics and Activities Department is to provide maximum opportunity for student exploration and engagement without inhibiting any one program. The Athletics and Activities Department offers a wide variety of academic, creative, service, technical and athletic programs and encourages students to both follow their passions and sample new possibilities.

Through on-site, inter-city and international experiences participants will grow as young people of worth and character as they engage in the program.


Through movement, sound, and image, the arts transform people’s creative ideas into expressive works that communicate layered meanings. 

Learning in, through, and about the arts stimulates creative action and response by engaging and connecting thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings. By participating in the arts, students’ personal well-being is enhanced. As students express and interpret ideas within creative, aesthetic, and technological frameworks, their confidence to take risks is increased.

Arts education values student’s experiences and builds on these with increasing sophistication and complexity as their knowledge and skills develop.

The arts are powerful forms of expression that recognize, value, and contribute to the unique local and international cultural character of AISD.