Vibrant Community, Engaged Alumni

AISD is more than a school, it is a community where engagement does not end after graduation. 

“Once a tiger, always a tiger” is the philosophy maintained by the extensive network of AISD alumni. AISD’s vibrant community continues to connect both on and off campus, with alumni and community members sharing their academic and creative work, participating in cultural events and aiding fundraising initiatives. Alumni remain connected to the AISD community through reunion events organized by AISD, social media and online connectivity to ensure all tigers around the world are engaged members of our community.

Welcome to Bangladesh!

Bangladesh is known as the land of rivers, with over 800 branches and tributaries, and it is those rivers that lay the foundation for a long, rich, and colorful history. A nation of more than 160 million people, Bangladesh is nestled between India and Myanmar and is just a short flight away from most South Asian countries. 

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