Tigers Around the World

Did you know… there are about 6,000 people worldwide who are just like you – people who attended AISD? You have a lasting connection to AISD and we want to help make it stronger! With this platform, we hope to make it easier for you to return to campus, expand your professional network with Tigers in your field, and organize local alumni gatherings.

Your extended AISD family provides a lifetime of opportunities to engage with the school, mentor current students, connect with classmates, and network with alumni you haven’t met yet!


Campus Membership for Alumni

AISD views itself as a center of expatriate community activity and encourages the use of school facilities when such use is not disruptive to normal school curricular and extracurricular activities. Campus Membership is an extension within the school community. 

For a nominal annual fee, Campus Members have use of the swimming pool, fitness center, fields, tennis/basketball courts, the library, and Community Education classes – when not used for school activities. 

Campus membership is also open to PARENTS of AISD GRADUATES.

Community Education Program

AISD runs an adult Community Education program that runs throughout the school year. It is designed to give the members of our school community (Campus Members included) some social, educational and physical opportunities while living here in Dhaka. The classes involve athletics, exercise, and crafts or are simply educational in nature. You must first obtain your Campus Membership before signing up for any
Community Education program. There is a small registration fee for each Community Education class.

Contact: Joya Ambarin, Student Activities Coordinator, joya.ambarin@aisdhaka.org


AISD encourages our alumni to submit applications for their children. Our admissions team is available to answer your questions regarding the application process.

Learn more about admissions here.

Get in Touch with Us!

Contact Hamida Saleh, our Alumni Relations Manager for questions and general information.


+8802 5881 7462, Ext. 169


Follow us!Connect with us through our official social media platforms to stay informed of the latest AISD news, events, activities, and alumni gatherings. Don’t forget to join our AISD Alumni Network group! 

Visit Us!Alumni are welcome to come back to campus for a personal tour through our Alumni Relations Manager.


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AISD alumni include past students (whether attendees or graduates), past parents, and past faculty and staff. We encourage everyone to Stay Connected and help our alumni community grow. Start your connection:

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Be a Tiger Ambassador!

AISD’s Tiger Ambassadors strengthen alumni connectivity through ongoing location-based engagements. If you are interested in connecting with alumni in your area, consider becoming a Tiger Ambassador.

Ambassador activities include encouraging alumni to connect with others in the area, planning or hosting events, and sending alumni communications.

Contact: communications@aisdhaka.org