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American International School Dhaka
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Counseling Services

School counselors assist students at all levels, from elementary to high school. They act as advocates for students’ well-being and as valuable resources for their educational advancement. 

A school counseling program is an educational philosophy and a distinct, defined program of services. It's based on the belief that each student possesses intrinsic worth and specific rights and is a dynamic personality capable of personal growth and self-direction. As a program of services, it's preventative, developmental, and remedial. The former identifies appropriate developmental needs through a planned sequential program of individual, group, and classroom activities.

Developmental counseling services look toward meeting the needs of all students and developing positive attitudes/skills in self-awareness, interpersonal relations, educational and career awareness, goal-setting, and decision-making.

Role of the Counselor

The program aims to help students achieve maximum growth as individuals within the context of the school’s educational and communal goals. The role of the Counselor is to guide students in understanding their strengths, limitations, potential, and responsibilities within our school community. The Counselor is a student advocate whose primary concern is the health and well-being of each student.