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Campus & Facilities

Our Campus AISD is situated on a 4.5-acre site within the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone of Dhaka. The facilities include an outdoor field, gymnasiums, swimming pool, tennis court, playgrounds and fitness center in addition to superbly appointed classroom and study spaces.

A World Class Learning Environment

All indoor and instructional spaces at the American International School of Dhaka are fully air-conditioned and an extensive air quality filtration system is in operation, ensuring the Air Quality Index is healthy for all members of our community at all times. There are 60 classrooms in modern, spacious, western-style buildings. There are two libraries serving the ES and Secondary school respectively, 2 gymnasiums, one of which features a climbing wall, and a fitness center. AISD's facilities provide students with an environment that supports a well-rounded education and a healthy campus life.

The campus also hosts  a state-of-the-art performing arts center, art and music facilities, nurses clinic, counseling offices, student center, coffee shop, and cafeteria.   Our community also enjoys a covered 25-meter heated swimming pool, two tennis courts, two playgrounds, and a soccer/athletic field.  Parents of currently enrolled students are welcome to use campus facilities at specified times.



The AISD cafeteria staff prioritizes health and diversity in providing lunch options for our students.  Designed to cater to the specific dietary needs of our students, our cafeteria offers separate meal options, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices on both menus. Each meal is complemented with fresh salad and a serving of seasonal fruit, promoting balanced nutrition and healthy eating habits.  Students are also welcome to bring healthy lunch and snacks from home.

Our cafeteria staff works to ensure the highest standards of hygiene at all times in food preparation and service.

After-school Campus Access

AISD provides facilities for parents, community members, and students outside school hours. There are opportunities for playing on playground equipment, kicking a ball on the soccer field, using the fitness center, or enjoying time with friends at the North End coffee shop.  

Students, family members, community, and faculty can be found on campus after school hours, making the most of our school facilities.

Parents, students, and alumni have campus access before/after school hours. 


     AISD provides a safe campus environment with robust security measures in place.  With a 24/7 dedicated security team comprising 70 vigilant security professionals, we ensure a safe, secure environment for all our students, families, staff, and community members.  Our CCTV surveillance system provides an additional layer of protection, ensuring constant monitoring of the inside and outside perimeter of our campus. Safety is our priority, and we are well-prepared with regular drills and emergency communication systems.  At AISD, a secure environment fosters an optimal learning experience for our students.


AISD provides a convenient and safe bus transportation option, exclusively catering to students residing within the Diplomatic Zone, including Baridara, Gulshan, and Banani.  Upon enrollment, our admission team will work closely with you and our transport department to determine your child’s transportation needs.  AISD is committed to providing an excellent service; the transportation services are included with tuition fees, and not only operate for daily pick up and drop off but provide a late bus option, guaranteeing that all students can participate in extracurricular activities without transportation issues.

 Our Transport Department supports our commitment to safety and convenience.