Our Commitment to the Safety and Wellbeing of Our Community

Child Protection Policy

The Board of Directors of The American International School Dhaka recognizes that child protection and welfare considerations permeate all aspects of school life and must be reflected in all of the school's policies, practices and activities. AISD has a duty of care to provide a safe and secure environment for children and young people.

Educators, having the opportunity to observe and interact with children over time, are in a unique position to identify children who are in need of help and protection. As such, educators have a professional and ethical obligation to identify children who are in need of help and protection and to take steps to ensure that the child and family avail themselves of the services needed to remedy any situation that constitutes child abuse or neglect.

AISD adopted a Child Protection Policy on November 17, 2015 and is committed to the protection of all children and young people from harm. We require all staff and faculty applicants to undergo stringent selection and screening processes before being allowed to work with children.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

AISD strives to promote a healthy environment for its students, staff, parents, contractor partners, and visitors to our campus.

Dhaka has environmental concerns for the quality of air, among other environmental concerns that can affect us. It is the objective of this Policy to detail the mitigation measures taken at AISD to maintain a healthy environment.

Exposure to elevated levels of air pollution causes both short-term and long-term health effects. The extent of those effects varies depending on individual risk factors such as age, existing cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, and nature of activities performed. Research has found children (ages 0 to 18) and the elderly (age 65+) are the most susceptible receptors and thus require additional mitigation measures as compared to the general population.