Health Services at AISD

Registered Nurses on Campus 

AISD has a dedicated health office staffed by professional, certified nurses open during school hours. They provide basic health services, first aid care, and Emergency services for students, families, and community members on campus. The office maintains health records and follows up with families regarding immunization requirements and students with chronic illnesses requiring monitoring at school such as diabetes and asthma. 

Additional Support:

  • The Health office is responsible for storing and administering medications that need to be taken during the school day and any emergency medications such as extra inhalers or epi-pens.
  • The school nurse is responsible for ensuring that staff members are trained to respond to an emergency and to assist students with chronic illnesses, such as seizures, asthma, and diabetes.
  • AISD nurses provide medical coverage for all athletic events and the health office follows up with student athletes and their families and teachers regarding major athletic injuries, such as concussions and broken limbs, that, may require modified academic participation during the recovery period. 
  • The Health office provides annual vision screenings for students from grades 1 through 5, Grade 7, and grades 9 and 10. Hearing screenings provided on request from learning support, homeroom teacher, or parents. 
  • The Health office takes an active role in motoring the spread of communicable illnesses in the AISD community such as influenza, and participates in ensuring that students and staff are educated on infection control measures.


Leena Bairagee, BSN RN has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Philippines. She is also registered with the Bangladesh Nursing Council.

Nurse Leena has worked in Square Hospital in the ICU for three months and SFMMKPJ in Orthopedics and the Surgical unit for one year. She has been working at the Family Health Practice as a clinic nurse for past four and a half years (currently still working there).

Nurse Leena also has Basic Life Support training from American Heart Association. 

Joolan Eom, RN is a registered nurse from South Korea where she worked before her family moved to Dhaka. 

Nurse Joolan will be working full time in the Health Office.

Family Health Practice (FHP)

On Campus Clinic for Families

Family Health Practice is an independent, on-site clinic open to the greater community. FHP is staffed by foreign and local doctors serving the greater community during and outside school hours. They provide enhanced services such as: 

  • Clinical consultations (Family Physician)
  • Travel medicine and vaccinations
  • Antenatal and postnatal care
  • Childhood developmental checks and immunizations
  • Gynaecological/cervical screening
  • Sexual health services
  • Pre-employment and pre-school medical examinations and certification
  • Seasonal flu vaccination
  • Laboratory investigations including testing of blood, urine and stool samples amongst others
  • Referral to physiotherapists, counselors and other auxiliary healthcare providers
  • Referral to secondary care services within Bangladesh or regionally